It Was Meant To Be

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It Happens For A Reason by Preeti Shenoy wasn’t anywhere on my reading horizon until yesterday. My sis-in-law left it behind when she went back  after a short visit at my mom’s place. I saw Amma eyeing it and before she could stake her claim on it I pounced. I didn’t feel too guilty of depriving her of the book since I happened to see a couple of library books stacked on her bedside table. I’m so glad I gave in to my baser instincts since I’m starting to enjoy the book. No idea whether it’ll continue to delight me, but a good start is so satisfying.


So, here’s the first paragraph of the Prologue :

‘There are many ways in which your life changes. Sometimes, these changes happen slowly. Like a sapling growing. You notice that a seed has sprouted but you don’t pay much attention to it. Suddenly, before you realise it, it is a little plant, firmly rooted, with leaves, stems, buds, and it grows, slowly but steadily, changing every single day, with small, seemingly imperceptible changes, which later all measure up, add and contribute to it.’

The blurb sounds like it’s a fun read. The story is about a single-mother, Vipasha, her son Aryan and the twists and turns that happen in her life. There’re two men in her life who add to the drama. Ankush is a figure from her past while Saurabh is the present.

I’ve just finished Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day and it was simply beautiful. He gently pulled me into post-war England and it was fascinating. One of the few instances where I’ve really enjoyed a first-person narrative. More of that later. Now let me plunge into Preeti Shenoy’s story.


17 thoughts on “It Was Meant To Be

    1. Hi Donna ! Preeti Shenoy is a hugely successful author in India. Unfortunately I too haven’t read any of her books 🙂
      This sounds like fun and I’m in the mood for some light reading. Hope it’ll be good.


  1. I have not read this author before, but the title is a truism my mother always said. So, i must look for this one. I like the sounds of the story from the prologue. Thanks for featuring this one.

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  2. I haven’t read many books set in India (I’m assuming that’s where this takes place) so I’m curious about this one. I like the descriptive writing in the opening, and I’m wondering how the character’s life changes. I’d keep reading to find out!
    My Tuesday post features The Beach House.


    1. Sandra, Thank you for stopping by 🙂 The story is set in Bangalore in India. The main protagonist is a single mother who runs a dog-boarding facility and is also a gym instructor. The narrative is smooth so far and I’m looking forward to a light romantic read 🙂


  3. I am not familiar with this book, but I love the “voice” in the opening. I would definitely want to keep reading.

    I am glad to hear you enjoyed Remains of Day. That is one I really hope to get to someday.


    1. Hi ! One of my close friends is a cat lover as well as a book lover. Your name reminded me of her 🙂 I absolutely loved Remains of the Day and in fact my mind keeps wandering back to that book all the time 🙂


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