Q & A With Scribbling Owlet

It has been ages, aeons,  since I’ve written anything here. I’m so thankful to Scribbling Owlet (what a delightful name for a blog ! ) for giving me a chance to remedy the situation. She wanted me to answer a few questions about books and authors. It was such a pleasure to revisit all my favourites which had been safely consigned to a box in my memory. So thank you once again Owlet for letting me get re-acquainted with my favourite books and authors 🙂

Here’s an excerpt from the Q & A session.

Q . A book that you have re-read the most

A. Jane Eyre. I never grow tired of reading about Jane Eyre. Such a plucky heroine and the best thing I like about her is her strong belief in herself. Of course the gorgeous brooding Mr.Rochester adds to the allure 

If you are in the mood for spending some time in the world of my favourite books, their creators and some great characters from the annals of fiction, click on this link



Happy reading my fellow book lovers 🙂


4 thoughts on “Q & A With Scribbling Owlet

    1. Varnam, if not separated at birth, we were at least the recipients of blood donated by the same guy, in true Bollywood style 🙂
      Exodus is so very close to my heart and no other hero in any book can hold a candle to Ari Ben Canaan 🙂

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