C is for Clear Soup

The day couldn’t get much worse, could it ? The next instant Shruti regretted that thought cos fate thumbed it’s nose at her and made it worse. The heavens opened up and in minutes she was drenched. Her new sandals looked more like miserable strips of cardboard rather than the colourful hip footwear she had bought. Well so much for the spiel of the sales man about it lasting forever. How could she keep making the same mistake over and over again ? Why couldn’t she convince her mind to stop trusting people so readily ? Shashank’s name was the latest addition in her list. He had strayed to greener pastures without a backward glance and without a moments hesitation.

Shruti had never felt so alone and wretched as she was today. She couldn’t pay attention to anything or anyone in college and as a result,had got pulled up by a couple of teachers. Feeling like a drowned rat, she trudged home cursing the day she had decided to talk to that cretin Shashank. She then proceeded to curse all men using all the swear words in her meagre vocabulary.But even that didn’t bring any solace to her wounded heart. Shruti closed the gate to her house and ran up to her room leaving a trail of water. As soon as she changed into dry clothes she heard Amma call her downstairs. No, thought Shruti, I don’t want to do any chores today. Can’t you see Amma that a broken heart is not conducive to completing chores ?

Amma was waiting for her. She told her to sit at the dining table. This was worse thought Shruti. I’m in for another lecture. Why does this wretched day seem never-ending ? With tears welling up in her eyes, she put down her head on her folded arms. Suddenly she got a whiff of something delicious. The bowed head came up and she looked questioningly around. Did she just conjure up that smell in her imagination ? Amma stepped in from the kitchen. She had a bowl in her hand from which the delicious smell was emanating. Amma carefully placed the steaming hot bowl of clear soup in front of Shruti. She was overwhelmed when she saw the pale slivers of mushroom and a few bits of cilantro floating around in her favourite comfort food. The delicate brown colour and the heat from the soup warmed her injured heart. Shruti hugged Amma around the waist and buried her head in her sari as a soft hand caressed her hair. Shruti heaved a huge sigh of relief. She felt as light as a bird, a sense of a burden being lifted, as if all her sorrows would pass. No matter what life handed out to her, she could handle it. She had her Amma.


(This is part of the A to Z challenge, where the participants have to blog every day in April, excepting Sundays. The titles of the posts should start with different letters of the alphabet, starting with A on April 1st and moving on sequentially. The theme I’ve selected is Stories. Just hope I can keep up with the ‘march of the alphabets’ 🙂 )


11 thoughts on “C is for Clear Soup

  1. Yay, comfort food! Yay, another fiction challenge acceptee (nope, not a word – hoping you know what I mean)! My comfort food is mashed potatoes, and now I am craving them, thank you very much. I think that means your story is successful! (Wandered over from your comment on my blog at OfftheBeatenPlan.com)


    1. Nicki !
      I really enjoyed your story and I’m eagerly waiting for the next part. Thanks for yr lovely thoughts on my story. The combination of a mother’s hug and comfort food is unbeatable 🙂


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