In Love With A List

It’s that time of year when lists have started making their presence felt. Book lists are my hands-down favourites. However there are some lists, compiled mainly by noted newspapers which completely defeat me. They have quite a number of books which I’ve never read or heard about and I feel like an urchin who’s accidentally landed up in a durbar ! Renowned authors rub shoulders with intellectuals and they throw around names which fill me with awe since I’ve never come across any of them. I start reading these lists with bated breath and my joy is immense if I chance upon a Jhumpa Lahiri or a Khaled Hosseini. It’s like unexpectedly meeting friends when you’ve wandered into a strange party. But does this stop me from checking out these lists ? A big resounding No is the answer. There’re helpful friends who direct me onto these year-end compilations and the masochist that I am, I trot along diligently. Some lists slay me mercilessly. Forget reading any of the books in the list, I wouldn’t even have heard of the authors ! My only defence is that this occurs mostly with US and UK compilations (but I don’t think that argument holds much water with the all knowing Google around ). Let me tell you that this activity is quite exhausting and I recover by dipping into my hoard of Calvin and Hobbes 🙂

So imagine my surprise and excitement when I chanced upon the collection of best books of 2013 by NPR. Ok, what exactly is this creature called NPR ? I too had never heard of them. NPR is a syndicator of radio programs in the USA, with head quarters at Washington D.C. They produce and distribute news and cultural programs to around 900 public radio stations. The good folks at NPR have decided not to make a list this year. Instead they have compiled the best books of 2013 into a grid, which incidentally looks stunning. The sight of all those beautiful covers literally made me drool. They’ve also provided categories if you are looking for any particular groups. You should click on the categories just to see the graphics. And coming to the all important books, I felt like Alice. So much to see ! The collection has 200 hundred books and what a wide variety, from Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life to Jayne Ann Krentz’s Dream Eyes. Serious fiction rubbing shoulders with beautiful looking cookbooks and I was super thrilled to see my Jhumpa Lahiri and Khaled Hosseini 🙂 Here’s NPR’s Book Concierge for your perusal :



2 thoughts on “In Love With A List

    1. Hi Ginger ! Are you back home ? The npr grid is a beauty, with their descriptions of each book and the marvellous display of the covers alone. Will wait for your list in 2014 and hopefully there’ll be a couple of familiar authors 🙂


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