It’s been a couple of weeks since I finished this book and sadly I didn’t like it. I find it quite painful to  write theimages-9 review of a book which I didn’t like. I contemplated for a long time whether I should actually put up the review here. My husband, Mr.A made the decision easier. His rationale was that, if I profess this to be a book blog, then it has be a true reflection of my likes and dislikes. Even then it was quite difficult to make myself actually sit down and write the review. My wayward mind would find excuses to flit around the house on inconsequential tasks.

Find by Neeta Iyer is about 29-year old Swati Kannan’s hunt for a groom. Swati is the quintessential modern Indian girl who’s independent, feisty and has a mind of her own. She’s a very successful RJ who makes up her mind one day that she needs a guy in her life. Swati decides to go the way of marriage and so starts the hunt for Mr. Right. She meets eleven guys, some through matrimonial sites and some otherwise. They range from a rockstar to a businessman to a lawyer. The story moves forward through Swati’s interactions with each prospective groom and we meet the hero in her life in the last chapter.

I was so disappointed by the way Swati’s character loses her individuality as the story progresses. After the first two guys, tedium sets in for the reader cos none of the guys are likeable and it’s obvious that Swati will reject them. The alliterative names of the chapters too sound quite cliche`d with ‘Apprehensive Anurag’ and ‘Gregarious Gaurav being two examples. My pet peeve with a whole new crop of Indian authors is the overuse of the vernacular in dialogues. It really spoils the thought  flow when we are keeping pace with the storyline. Moreover somebody who’s not familiar with the language is left feeling as if some important aspect of the story is eluding them. A weak plot and the monotony which sets in after the first few chapters make this book very disappointing.

Thanks to Marina of Jaico books who sent me this book .


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