Love Is Vodka – A Shot Ain’t Enough

amit dpWhat a catchy title ! The picture on the cover only enhanced the book’s appeal. I expected to encounter a love as intoxicating and addictive as vodka, a love story that would sweep me off my feet.  I had yet to read any of Amit Shankar’s books and so it was with a lot of anticipation that I started reading. Unfortunately, this beautiful looking book fell short on a lot of counts and left me sorely disappointed.

Moon is a teenager who comes from a broken home. Her father was a French diplomat who returned to his family as soon as her mother got pregnant. Payal Malik, her mother, is the editor of a leading TV news channel. The story traces Moon’s journey through a kaleidoscope of relationships, none of which bring her the love and fulfilment  she seeks. A chance modelling assignment while working as an intern in an ad agency sees her becoming famous overnight. At this stage Moon also enters a live-in relationship with her much older boss who incidentally is also her mother’s boyfriend ! The rest of the novel traces Moon’s journey as she navigates through romantic liaisons, failed friendships, a rocky relationship with her mother and even an anti-corruption crusade.

The plot line is interesting, a troubled young girl’s search for fulfilment and her effort to lead an independent life. Love appears in her life like a mirage to disappear as soon as she tries to grasp it. But I felt the story slipped away from the author’s hands. The biggest disappointment was Moon’s character. She’s  insensitive, fickle and totally self-obsessed which makes her actions appear selfish rather than gutsy. Hence I couldn’t empathise or connect with her at all which was a big drawback. The other characters aren’t properly fleshed out and so appear slightly hazy. Moon’s mother is a single parent who through the dint of hard work makes a success of her career, but in the process alienates her daughter. It would have been wonderful to see Moon through her mother’s eyes. However each person is shown only from Moon’s viewpoint, which makes them appear one-dimensional and bland.After expecting the fireworks of a vodka shot I ended up with a bottle of cola left opened which had lost it’s fizz and tasted flat.

The only reason I could read this book is because of Nimi who send me a copy to review.Thank you so much 🙂


6 thoughts on “Love Is Vodka – A Shot Ain’t Enough

  1. thanks for reviewing my work. much appreciate. just a small note: in first person narrative, the characters are always uni-dimensional as they are shown form one person point of view.


    1. I must congratulate you on your choice of art for the cover. Excellent. I understand about the narrative, yet through dialogues or situations if you could have thrown more light on how Moon is perceived by others around her, it would have been interesting. IMHO. I’m sure you have your own reasons for the way the characters have been presented.


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